Topics for bachelor thesis can be found almost effortlessly, so do not be afraid! But how? Bachelor topics appear exactly when you feel the most helpless in your life.

Ask colleagues or acquaintances about a possible bachelor topic. You will be surprised how many good ideas these people can give you to the Bachelor Thesis. Therefore, you should listen well to their topic suggestions and rate.

Another option is to search the internet bachelor thesis topics. It’s amazing how easy it is to find a topic for a bachelor thesis.

Writing a bachelor thesis consists of the following three steps:

  • Topic search for the work
  • Topic choice of the bachelor thesis
  • topics formulation
  • Keep the formal rules
  • Let’s say you are finally successful. Finally, you have chosen a topic for the bachelor thesis. Now comes to the next obstacle – how to formulate the topic?
  • It is important to follow the formal rules, as errors in the construction of the bachelor thesis can influence your final grade. Of course, depending on the subject area, the details are determined and it is of utmost importance that you look at examples and samples of bachelor’s theses in the library or online, even if you have your bachelor’s thesis written.

You must find out which formal requirements are required for the bachelor thesis. The writing style comes first. He has to be clear and scientific. The structure of sentences should be rather simple, not unnecessarily complex.

The bachelor thesis should contain an introduction, a main section divided into different chapters and a summary. If you want, you can add a foreword to your bachelor thesis. In the preface, you can explain to readers how you found the topic of the work. Is it related to a personal experience, did you search for it yourself, or did someone recommend the topic to you?

The introduction of the bachelor thesis should be written at the end when the work is completed. The goal of the introduction is to win the readers. Normally you waste time when the introduction is started.

You can write a bachelor thesis in many fields. Among these are:

  • Business Administration
  • Agricultural Sciences and Agriculture
  • architecture
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • pharmacy
  • education
  • geology
  • archeology
  • history
  • IT
  • engineering
  • technology
  • Cultural Studies (Kuwi)
  • art
  • literature
  • mathematics
  • medicine
  • Political Science (PoWi)
  • Psychology,
  • law
  • Social work
  • Economics (Economics) etc.
  • The topic should interest you best in order to serve as a basis for further education.

As far as the formatting of the bachelor thesis is concerned, one usually sets the continuous text in 12 points and the footnotes in 10 points. For the footnotes one uses a line spacing of 1 and for the continuous text 1.5.

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You decide for or against it, of course. But let’s get back to the beginning – find a bachelor topic. We can give you some good ideas – choose a topic and then we will see.